Crochet & Kumihimo Week

Tuesday July 11th – Saturday July 15th

Classes will be limited to 8 students  

Classes are $25.00 each, 2 for $45.00, 3 for $60.00 or all 4 for $75.00 $10.00 non-refundable deposit is required 

(Excluding the Basic Wire Crochet and Kumihimo Workshops)

Crochet & Kumihimo Week students receive 20% off on any purchase the day of a class

To save time we recommend purchasing a pre-strung kit for the Crocheted Bohemian Pearl Bracelet for $15.00  

-          payable the day of the class


Tuesday June 27th from 12:00 – 4:00 (arrive by 3:30) - Basic Kumihimo Workshop: Learn this popular technique for creating ropes of beads. You will create a bracelet or a necklace in this workshop.  The workshop includes a Kumihimo disk, seed beads and C-Lon thread.  Students receive 15% off the day of the workshop. $25.00 ($22.99 + $2.01 tax). Once you learn the basic Kumihimo you will be prepared for our more advanced Kumihimo classes


Tuesday July 11 from 12:00 to 4:00 (arrive by 3:30) Basic Wire Crochet Workshop: Learn the basics of single crochet. We will make an attractive wire crochet bracelet or necklace using the skills taught in class. So easy, it’s Astonishing! $25.00 ($22.99 + $2.01 tax) includes ALL supplies

Wednesday July 12th @ 12:00 – Trompe l’Oeil Kumihimo Class: Take your Kumihimo beading skills up a notch by braiding a Kumihimo bracelet that looks flat. By using super duos and adding crystals with needle and thread, your bracelet appears flat. Magic!! Project should be completed in class.

Wednesday July 12th @ 3:00 – Ombre Kumihimo Class: Can't decide what color you want to braid? Tired of one size fits all? How about combining your favorite 2 colors in one bracelet and creating an Ombre Kumihimo bracelet that truly fits. Bracelet should be completed during class.

Thursday July 13th @ 12:00 – Crocheted Bohemian Pearl Bracelet Class: Don’t want to hand knot a necklace of freshwater pearls?  Try bead crochet. Using freshwater pearls and seed beads, create a bohemian wrap bracelet or double strand necklace using bead crochet. No experience with crochet is necessary. Project should be completed in class. Threaded kits will be available for purchase. 

Thursday July 13th @ 3:00 – Trompe l’Oeil Kumihimo Class: See Trompe l’Oeil Kumihimo description above..

Friday July 14th @ 12:00 – Small Bead Kumihimo Bangle Class: Want to try using smaller beads in your Kumihimo? Using 135 C-Lon and size 11 beads create a personal bangle of your favorite color. Some experience with Kumihimo is beneficial. Project should be completed in class.

Friday July 14th @ 3:00 – Bohemian Pearl Bracelet Class: See Bohemian Pearl Bracelet description above.

Saturday July 15th 10:30 – 12:00 – Coffee, Crochet & Kumihimo: Have questions about your current bead crochet or Kumihimo project? Stuck and need some help with finishing? Come in and enjoy coffee (or Tea) with the Crochet Queen and get help with your problems.  Note: This is a free drop-in session and does not include learning a technique.



Trendy Tuesdays and Wire Wednesdays

Tuesdays from 12:00 – 5:00 (arrive by 4:00)

Wednesdays from 12:00 – 3:00 (arrive by 2:00)


Every Tuesday - Earring Bonanza: Choose from a selection of earrings to make, using different techniques. Make 1 pair for $12.00 (11.03 + $0.97 tax) or 2 pair for $20.00 ($18.39 + $1.61 tax).

Then different projects every week:

Tuesday July 18th - Go Fish Necklace:  Use Czech glass beads and wire to create bright colorful fish and then hang them on ball chain for a fun necklace that’s perfect for summer. $18.00 ($16.55 + $1.45 tax)

Wednesday July 19th - Organic Drop Necklace: Create a one of a kind pendant with hammered wire and free form wrapping.  Use Swarovski pearls or fire polished beads to complete your custom look. Make one for $16.00 ($14.71 + $1.29 tax) and make a second for only $12.00 ($11.03 + $0.97 tax)

Tuesday July 25th –Starts @ 1:30 - Boho Bangle: Start with a blank wire bracelet and wrap it with multiple strands of silk cord and wire and finish it off with a charm. $25.00 ($22.99 + $2.01 tax)

Tuesday August 1st - Pearl Knotted Bracelet: Learn the basics of pearl knotting.  This project uses Swarovski pearls and colorful nylon thread and a charm of your choice. $ 16.00 ($14.71 + $1.29 tax)

and Mixed Up Bracelet: Create this asymmetric bracelet with pewter spaces, glass beads, pearls, leather and chain. $22.00 ($20.23 + $1.077 tax)

Wednesday August 2nd – Oak Leaf Pendant: Create a unique hammered leaf shape using silver or gold colored wire and hang on chain to create a pendant. $15.00 ($13.79 + $1.21 tax)

Tuesday August 8th - Round About: This easy bracelet uses your choice of leather and Czech glass donut beads to create a casual bracelet that perfect for summer. $19.00 ($17.47 + $1.53 tax)

Tuesday August 15th – The Marylou: Learn the basics of Even Count Peyote.  Create a stitched accent and combine it with stranded Chinese crystal to create this stylish bracelet. $14.00 ($12.87 + $1.13 tax)

and Parallel Pyramids: Use the new Kheops along with seed beads to create this easy strung bracelet. $19.00 ($17.47 + $1.53 tax)

Wednesday August 16th - : Squiggly Hammered Bracelet: This interesting hammered bracelet can be created in any squiggly pattern you wish and then combined with beads in a color of your choice. $15.00 ($13.79 + $1.21 tax)

Tuesday August 22nd – Element Necklace: Combine different components with chain and beads to create an asymmetric necklace.  Select from a variety of components, connectors and chain. $25.00 ($22.99 + $2.01 tax)

Tuesday August 29th – Pick-a-Project: Miss a Trendy Tuesday Project? Today is your day to select any of our Trendy Projects to create. Priced per project.

Wednesday August 30h – Pick-a-Project: Miss a Wire Wednesday Project? Today is your day to select any of our Wire Projects to create. Priced per project