On Point Necklace Kit - Copper Ombre Color-Shift Purple

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On Point Necklace Kit - Copper Ombre Color-Shift Purple


Materials Kit for the On Point Necklace Pattern

Color: Copper Ombre Color-Shift Purple 

Materials Included: 

  • 10 pcs Large Purple Shade Dagger
  • 20 pcs Small Purple and Gold Shaded Dagger 
  • 30 pcs 3mm Fire Polish - Gold Lined Crystal  
  • Superduo - Polychrome Copper Ombre - 8g
  • Rulla - Jet Bronze - 1.9g
  • 15/0 Japanese Seed Bead - 1052 - Galvanized DK Yellow Gold - 1.6g
  • Satin Hamilton Gold colored Lobster Claw
  • 13 inch Satin Hamilton Gold Circle Chain 
  • 4 Satin Hamilton Gold 6mm Round Jump Rings 
  • 12ft of Smoke 8lb Fire Line 
  • 1 Size 11 English Beading Needle 

*Note: Picture uses 3mm Dark Bronze Fire Polish instead of 3mm Gold Lined Crystal Fire Polish given in kit*

These amounts exceed the amount needed to complete the bracelet, in order to allow for extra length or lost beads.

**Pattern sold separately**

Link to pattern: Here

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